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Fish Shell Command History Meme

Use this command if you want to know your command usage stats in the fish shell. grep -v “^\#” “.config/fish/fish_history”|awk…

Fish Alias/Function Location

The alias/function of the fish shell are stored at ‘/home/username/.config/fish/functions’

Run a Command if Another Command Succeeds

This will let you run a linux command based on the success of anther command. Note: This will only work…

Creating an Alias in fish shell

Fish shell has an easy method to create a command alias… alias del=’rm’ save_function del

Create a Permanent Alias in Fish Shell

This is how you create a permanent alias is fish… alias x=’exit’ save_function x

Fetch columns of Output using Awk

One can use awk to get a specific column from a command output… First column of the command date|awk ‘{print…