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Iterate a Text File in Bash

This is how you iterate thru a text file outputting a line at a time in Bash shell scripting.

Send One Line From a Text File as as SMS Every 10 Mins

This command will send a line from a given text file one every 10 mins as an SMS to a given number.

Send Text Once Every 15 Mins

Command to send a text to any phone once every 15 mins.

Install Package List

Install a list of packages from a text file. cat packages.txt | xargs apt-get install

Replacing in Found Files

Replace one string by another in all file found by find. find . -name *whatyouwant* -exec perl -pi.bak -e ‘s/TEXT_TO_REPLACE/TEXT_TO_REPLACE_IT_WITH/g’…

Spell Check a Text File using Aspell

You can use Aspell to spell check of a text document using this command. It must be executed in a…

Optimized Grep Searching

Grep that searches recursively, ignores binary files, and doesn’t look inside Subversion hidden folders. grep -Ir –exclude=”*\.svn*” “pattern” *

Delete all \n chars in a file…

Delete all \n chars in a file… tr -d “\n”

Text type convert

Convert a text file format from MSDOS to UNIX dos2unix input_file output_file

Get the Plain Text Version of a Web Page

This command fetches a web page, converts it to text and shows it. lynx -dump http://www.example.com/