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Get Result of Command using Python in Linux

Execute a command and get its results using python in Linux import commands result = commands.getoutput(“ls”)

Concatinate Files in Linux

This is how you concatinate multiple files in linux… cat file1 file2 file3 > final_file

Basic Screen Shortcuts(Linux Terminal Tool)

Some important screen shortcuts Create New : Ctrl+A c Next Screen: Ctrl+A Space Previous : Ctrl+A Backspace Show Screen List:…

Shortcuts – Hard and Soft Links in Linux

This is how to create hard and soft links in Linux. Remember, a directory cannot be hard linked. #Hard link…

Get URL Headers using CURL

Show the headers of an URL using Curl curl http://example.com -I

Word Meaning from Linux Command Line

Find the meaning of a word from dict using curl. System must be online for this to work. curl dict://dict.org/d:word

Firefox Profiles

How to access firefox profiles in Linux… #Open the profile manager. firefox –ProfileManager #Open firefox using the specified profile firefox…

Better Way to find Process ID of an Application in Linux

A better way to get the process id of an application. I recommend giving an alias for this command… ps…

Remove empty directories

Remove all empty directories within the current directory find . -type d -empty -exec rmdir {} \; perl -MFile::Find -e”finddepth(sub{rmdir},’.’)”…

Reboot Linux when hung

To Reboot Linux when hung hold down the Alt and SysRq (Print Screen) keys. While holding those down, type the…